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AFAA began in 1997, however until 2005, the organisation was known as “Reach Out MS” or ROMS, which was founded by Michael Galea, who was first diagnosed with MS in 1983. This has left him legally blind from optic neuritis in addition to a range of sensory challenges. AFAA is a not for profit organisation.  We are a company limited by guarantee. Our ABN Number is 20 191 280 362

The Directors of the Board are: Mr Michael Galea (President), Dr Kate Kriller, Ms Sandra Greene, Prof Anthony Smythe, Dr David Davidson, Ms Wendy Yong, Ms Trish Gale, and Dr Peter Coombes.

In addition to our Board, we have a national staff compliment of 36 committed and experienced people, of which, 60% have a disability. It consists of:

- Chief Executive
- Executive Assistant
- Office of the President
- Regional Manager WA, SA, NT
- Regional Manager NSW, QLD
- Regional Manager Vic, Tas
- Administrative Support
- UD Architects & Researchers
- Landscape Architects & Researchers
- Auditors, Australian Standard Designers
- Access Planners, Community Consultation
- Project Management

Vision and Mission


To contribute to the achievements, social and economic equity for people with disabilities.


To promote the vision through the principles of the independent living approach which are; Self-governance,
self-help, self-determination, community (grass roots) based, choice, control, autonomy, empowerment.


-  To be an organization offering opportunities to people to live their lives to the full;
-  To promote Universal Design and new access technologies and initiatives;
-  To offer opportunities for people with disabilities to learn skills necessary for successful integration
    into the community including economic opportunity;
-  To develop and implement services, programs and activities that empower individuals rather than
    create dependencies;
-  To recognise that people with disabilities have the right to take control of their own lives though
    increased knowledge and examination of options, making informed choices, and taking calculated risks.

Quality of Service:

AFAA maintains ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2015 through
Rothschild Global Quality Insurance, to ensure our clients receive the best services we can possibly provide.


Membership to AFAA is open to any Australian. Click here to find out more about becoming a member
of AFAA. We currently have over 400 members Australia wide, which is made up of people with a
disability, carers, disability service organisations, government agencies and general members of the public.
General Sir Peter John Cosgrove, AK, MC, the current Governor-General of Australia, is our Patron. A copy of our
constitution and annual report is available to all our members at anytime.

President Mike Galea talking to the Property Council of Australia about the advantages of Universal Design.
AFAA Staff team
President Mike Galea lecturing to University Students at the Griffith University about Inclusive Universal Design, Australian Legislation, Standards and the NCC.