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The main disability access services we provide Australia wide include:

Assess and audit built environments for access barriers and compliance with current standards and codes

Design; document; cost estimate; obtain planning and building approvals and project manage, built disabled access solutions, including but not limited to domestic housing, aged care and nursing home buildings, medical facilities, heritage buildings, recreational reserves and parks, educational facilities, commercial and institutional buildings, and workplace accommodations.

Provide advice to commercial and government agencies on Accessible Tourism ideas, opportunities and solutions.

Provide interior design and advisory services for potential colour-blindness, and technical opportunities for people with hearing difficulties. 

Prepare disabled persons evacuation plans for buildings and liaise with individuals, communities, emergency services and governments for natural disaster evacuation plans for people who are disabled, aged and/or infirm etc.

Develop Mobility Maps, outlining all local access facilities using the latest Maptitude Geographic Information System (GIS) software

Work with clients, communities and stakeholders and prepare Disability Access and Inclusion Plans (DAIP), then lodge these with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Provide expert advice and plans for accessible festivals and events.

Provide expert advice and advocacy for complainants to the Australian Human Rights Commission against disability discrimination.

Collaborate with the accessible opportunities offered by the Changing Places initiative in Australia.

Offer advice for the development of Australian Standards relating to Disability Access.

Undertake certified Disability Discrimination Act training and access awareness workshops.

Provide web links relating to services, service providers and organisations which may be beneficial to people with a disability and or their carers.
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